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Stick Archers Battle

70 plays
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  • Author: RHM Interactive
  • Category: Fight
  • Rating: 3.25

Fight your opponents by shooting arrows with your bow. Duels will take place in different environments with changing physical conditions. Each arrow that hits an archer inflicts damage and his health bar decreases. Once it reaches zero, the player loses the duel. Aim and fire arrows quickly to kill your opponent before he can hurt you. In the normal one or two player mode, matches are played in 5 points. The first player to win 5 duels wins the game. In the death match mode, you must survive as many duels as possible against the computer. Enjoy!

Stick Archers Battle


Use the mouse to play in solo mode. In 2 player mode, use the W key for player 1 and the up arrow for player 2.

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