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Puzzles games

Based on reasoning, you will need patience to put in order all the parts of these puzzle games.
There are different kinds of puzzle games, more or less complicated. Some of them have a time limit, what could add stress but you can find games that allow you to take your time. If you want to test your sense of observation you're in the right category!
In some games, you have a limited time and in others you can take yours time in order to reach the end of a level. Your observation sense will be your best asset in this type of game.

Classical Puzzles 

  • Hexa Puzzle
    Hexa Puzzle

    Are you ready to play with hexagons? In this great mind...

  • Barnacles My Face
    Barnacles My Face

    Spongebob and his friends are in trouble and you'll hel...

  • Egypte

    No description available yet.

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Funny Animals
    Jigsaw Puzzle Funny Animals

    Jigsaw Puzzle Funny Animals is a very cool puzzle game ...

  • Hexa loop 3D
    Hexa loop 3D

    Rotate the different puzzle pieces in each level to fin...

  • Hexa Knot
    Hexa Knot

    Hexa Knot is a very cool puzzle game in which you'll ha...

Interactive puzzles 


Sliding puzzles 

  • Taquin Manara
    Taquin Manara

    Try to solve this puzzle of Milo Manara.

  • Schuif

    A little pirate puzzle.

  • Baseball

    A puzzle with a baseball theme.

  • Click N Slide
    Click N Slide

    A game in which you will have to reconstruct an image t...

  • Puzzle Safari
    Puzzle Safari

    Try to solve the puzzle in few moves to score much poin...

  • Rubpix

    Rubpix is a puzzle game in which you must slide the par...


  • Way of the Tangram
    Way of the Tangram

    Help Yan-Yan, a young chinese girl, to rebuild more tha...

  • Qink

    Meditate on the true nature of the cube. Fill all the f...

  • Buzzle

    If you like to solve a puzzle, get your mouse and play ...

  • Legor 2
    Legor 2

    Build various shapes in this challenging and unique puz...

  • Vessel

    Add the pieces of the puzzles in the gray rectangle in ...

  • Fit It 2
    Fit It 2

    Fit It 2 is a game in which you have to place objects. ...