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Music games

Ah, music... It is often said that it represents the most beautiful thing in life. We could not do anything without music, and especially not be playful.
It's not always easy to have a musical instrument to be able to make music, but with virtual elements especially in online games, of course.
In music games, you will find all kinds of games that will bring out your inner artist or your music lover side.
Play musical instruments, conduct an orchestra or have fun impressing your friends by showing all of your inventiveness.

Dance / Rhythm 

  • Santa Rockstar 3
    Santa Rockstar 3

    Santa is back, with his faithfull steed Ruldolph on an ...

  • My Pocket Blacksmith
    My Pocket Blacksmith

    Wearing a blacksmith's apron, you practice the art of b...

  • Chainsaw Dance
    Chainsaw Dance

    In Chainsaw Dance, you will have to follow the rhythm o...

  • Up Beat
    Up Beat

    Up Beat is a cool and funny rythm game in which you wil...

  • Rhythm Capture
    Rhythm Capture

    Rhythm Capture is a musical rhythm game in the pure sty...

  • Double Kick Heroes
    Double Kick Heroes

    Double Kick Heroes mixes a shoot'em up with a rhythm ga...



Musical instruments