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Adventure Games

A story begins but the going gets tough, and when the going gets tough the tough get going. Learn how to act like a hero, don't let fear rob you. Collect clues and items, explore dungeons, fight scary monsters, gain experience... You're the protagonist! As action games will challenge your reflexes, adventure games will rather use your brain. They are based on research and exploration, dialogues, solving puzzles, and a scenario with which you will be able to interact.
Point-and-click and hidden objets games with a story are also small adventures. They ask you to resolve puzzles and observe meticulously the scene. Among adventure games, it should be noted the popular sagas: Monkey Go Happy, Trollface Quest and the escape rooms: Sift Heads - Cartel, Castaway and more!



Food chain 

  • Fish Tales - Deluxe Edition
    Fish Tales - Deluxe Edition

    Meet Sunny, a small fish in a ocean. Try to survive in ...

  • Sumo Snowman
    Sumo Snowman

    A snowman is a little and fragile being. You will have ...

  • Hungry Fish
    Hungry Fish

    Now guess what you have to do in the game 'Hungry Fish'...

  • Cyto-Life

    Your mission in this interesting online game is to grow...

  • Tasty Planet
    Tasty Planet

    Control a tiny ball of grey goo which eats everything a...

  • Piranh.io

    Piranh.io is a new multiplayer game in which you will h...

Interactive story 


Monkey Go Happy 




Quest / Exploration 


Rotating collection 

  • Aether

    Venture into space! Exploring distant planets and solvi...

  • The Galactic Melody Catcher
    The Galactic Melody Catcher

    The Galactic Melody Catcher will take you on a journey ...

  • New World
    New World

    Welcome to my little experiment, I always wanted to cre...

  • Star Drops Game
    Star Drops Game

    The young boy and the young girl want the same teddybea...

  • Tumbler

    Tumbler is a unique puzzle-action game where you roll a...

  • Planet Dash
    Planet Dash

    This astronaut's spaceship crashed on one of the planet...



Seek and find 



  • Steppenwolf 1
    Steppenwolf 1

    Making your way up the Congo River, your barge is attac...

  • Steppenwolf 2
    Steppenwolf 2

    You awaken in a tribal village. Derek, your assistant, ...

  • Steppenwolf 3
    Steppenwolf 3

    The evil queen plans to sacrifice Derek. Searching the ...

  • Steppenwolf 4
    Steppenwolf 4

    The final confrontation! The Mokele Mbembe has arrived....

  • Steppenwolf 5
    Steppenwolf 5

    The search for the Yeti begins! Terrorists have taken y...

  • Steppenwolf 6
    Steppenwolf 6

    The Tibetan temple is attacked! SteppenWolf is trapped ...

Survival in nature 


Time Travel