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Zombotron Re-Boot

332 plays
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  • Author: Ant.Karlov Games
  • Category: Action
  • Rating: 3.75

You are Blaze Rush, an interstellar mercenary, called to explore a mysteriously abandoned planet. Survive the dangers and unlock the secrets of a universe populated by zombies, malevolent robots and other enigmatic creatures. Armed to the teeth, engage in frenetic combat where each defeated enemy can reveal clues to the planet's forgotten history. Thanks to a destructible physical world, every confrontation is an opportunity to use your environment to your advantage, turning obstacles into improvised weapons. Your varied arsenal will be your best ally in confronting opponents with unique abilities. Embark on this remastered adventure, where action and mystery intertwine, offering a gameplay experience intensified by modernized graphics and an improved physics engine. Ready to fight and discover Zombotron's hidden secrets? Enjoy!

Zombotron Re-Boot


Use the WASD to move and the mouse to aim and attack enemies.

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