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Strategy games

Become an emperor or an army general. Lead your troops and prevent enemies from reaching your base. The road to victory is long and extremely arduous, do not give up!
Strategy games focus on tactical and strategic action planning of players. The designation is limited to real-time and turn-based war games.
You'll find Tower Defense games, where you'll have to stop your enemies from crossing the map, like for example Kingdom Rush Frontiers, and Tower Conquest games, where you'll have to defeat your rivals and conquer their camp.


  • Feudalism 3
    Feudalism 3

    Feudalism 3 is the third sequel to the grandiose strate...

  • Zombie Trailer Park
    Zombie Trailer Park

    Zombies have taken over and destroyed the Metropolis - ...

  • Battle Chess
    Battle Chess

    Your brave soldiers need a leader to lead the battles a...

  • Forgotten Dungeon
    Forgotten Dungeon

    Forgotten Dungeon is a new RPG game in which you will e...

  • Clan Wars
    Clan Wars

    As Chief of your Goblin Clan you must defend your stron...

  • World Domination
    World Domination

    Get involved in the battle for the world against 4 worl...




  • Massive Attack
    Massive Attack

    No description available yet.

  • FlashCraft

    Defend your castle by building defence buildings and un...

  • BowMaster Prelude
    BowMaster Prelude

    Your kingdom is under attack! You are armed with a lege...

  • Defence 2
    Defence 2

    The green brigade is determined to destroy the city con...

  • Invasion 3
    Invasion 3

    Build and upgrade soldiers, archers, battering rams, ca...

  • Santa's Tower
    Santa's Tower

    Copy the falling figures as fast as you can to stop Red...


  • Wings of Glory
    Wings of Glory

    You will pilot an aircraft in the middle of a war. Perf...

  • Dogfight

    Fly your plane around destroying other planes and dropp...

  • Alio's Army
    Alio's Army

    Fly your plane over war torn Europe shooting down wave ...

  • Skies Of War
    Skies Of War

    The key to winning the war is to rule the sky. Prove yo...

  • SteamBirds

    The birds of steam, or better to call them 'the eagles'...

  • SteamBirds - Survival
    SteamBirds - Survival

    Direct your plane as you align dogfights. Grab pickups ...



Fighting / Combination 

  • SpellBlazer

    Young Kaven the apprentice seeks to become a Lightbring...

  • Battle of Lemolad
    Battle of Lemolad

    My Lord! It is time for us to embark on the military ca...

  • Cube Wars
    Cube Wars

    Cube Wars is declared! In this puzzle, you need to colo...

  • Mana Chronicle
    Mana Chronicle

    Match 3 or more symbols as you try to prevent your base...

  • Potion Quest
    Potion Quest

    Combine symbols to gain abilities to attack your enemy ...

  • Civibattle

    Conquer the civilization in this switcher-strategy game...



Naval strategy 

  • Treasure of Cutlass Reef
    Treasure of Cutlass Reef

    Ahoy mates and shiver your timbers for a epic only seen...

  • Pirate Race
    Pirate Race

    It be true, me hearties: Mad Cap'n Horg has discovered ...

  • The New World
    The New World

    The year is 1492 and it is time to discover The New Wor...

  • Rise of Pirates
    Rise of Pirates

    In this pirate simulation, you can upgrade your ship, b...

  • Shellcore Command
    Shellcore Command

    Build a massive retro battleship and command your fleet...

  • IPirate

    Defend your medieval ship from pirates attack. Armor yo...


  • Pandemic

    As a virus, your objective is to kill as many humans as...

  • Pandemic 2
    Pandemic 2

    The sequel to the original game Pandemic is finally her...

  • Battleground States 2008
    Battleground States 2008

    Tired of waiting for the election? Finish the job now -...

  • Sneeze

    A good epidemic always brings people together ... in th...



Tower Defense