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Hero Pipe

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  • Author: Gamee
  • Category: Mind
  • Rating: 3.50

At the heart of Hero Pipe, you are the intrepid hero on a quest to find treasure and rescue a princess who is been captured by fearsome creatures. Your essential mission is to cleverly assemble pipes to transport elements through increasingly complex labyrinths. Each level presents you with new challenges, populated by dragons, wolves and monsters, where your logic and thinking skills will be put to the test. The game plunges you into a thrilling adventure, where solving puzzles becomes the means to guide the hero to glory. By manipulating conduits, you control flows of lava or toxic gases, transforming obstacles into opportunities for progress. Your ability to think strategically and creatively is your best weapon for overcoming the pitfalls and completing this heroic mission. Enjoy!

Hero Pipe


Use the mouse to play this game.

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