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Exit 8

108 plays
  • About the game


  • Author: DarkPlay
  • Category: Adventure
  • Rating: 3.25

You are invited to explore an abandoned subway station. This walking simulator, skillfully weaving psychological horror and immersive narrative, takes you into an underground labyrinth where reality and nightmare merge. Alone in this desolate universe, your repetitive journey becomes a quest for freedom, symbolizing isolation and despair. Every dark corridor and distant echo contributes to an oppressive atmosphere, where subtle anomalies reveal supernatural forces. Your challenge is to be vigilant and spot these changes in the environment, indicating that it is time to turn back. The game stands out for its striking realism and meticulous attention to environmental detail, creating a captivating contrast between familiar scenery and supernatural elements. In Exit 8, every step forward is a step towards the discovery of buried mysteries and an introspection into your own fears. Enjoy!

Exit 8


Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, Shift to run and P to escape.

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