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Catland - Block 9x9

68 plays
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  • Author: icupgame
  • Category: Mind
  • Rating: 3.50

Catland - Block 9x9 is a puzzle game in which you have to cleverly arrange cat-shaped pieces on a board divided into 9 blocks of 3x3 cells. The aim of the game is to completely fill a row, column or block with these adorable pussycats to score points. Each filled element disappears from the board, allowing you to continue your strategy. Playable without time limit, this game is an invitation to sharpen your mind while enjoying a moment of relaxation. Ideal for everyone, children and adults alike, this game gets the brain working and relieves stress at the same time. The clues on the right-hand side of the board will guide you in your choices. Remember, once placed, the pieces cannot be moved. So plan your moves carefully! The game ends when no more figures can be placed. Ready for the challenge? Enjoy!

Catland - Block 9x9


Use the mouse to play this game.

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