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Outpost - Haven

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  • Author: Luxgames
  • Category: Shoot'em up
  • Rating: 3.50

Your stasis has been interrupted. It seems that there has been an emergency call from Outpost: Haven and you are ordered to investigate. It is unclear what is going on there at this moment because the radiation levels block any attempt for remote surveillance. This means two things: you are going in without any intel and nobody is alive. Most probably. Check for any survivors and find out what caused the radiation leakage. Moments after you and your partner hit the floor of the outpost it becomes painfully clear that there are creatures which thrive in this poisonous environment. Big creatures with many teeth hungry for human flesh. Fortunately, you have big guns for occasions like this. Outpost: Haven is an excellent action game with dark atmosphere of horror and danger lurking around every corner. Exploring the space station by yourself will get your pulse racing on numerous occasions because hideous aliens will hurl at you out of the darkness. Stay vigilant and don't let your finger stray away from the trigger even for a second. Whenever you are swarmed, retreat to a position that is easily defendable and send them back the hell they came from.

Outpost - Haven


Move with the arrow keys, click to shoot, use Shift to switch weapon and the spacebar to open doors.

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