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Kingdom of Pixels

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  • Author: QTX
  • Category: Action
  • Rating: 3.50

Kingdom of Pixels is a MOBA in a retro style similar to League of Legends and DOTA 2. Survive dangerous battles at all costs and eliminate all your enemies! Initially, you will start by creating your character from a large list of heroes with different abilities and skills depending on your play style. Whether you are a melee or ranged fighter, whether you prefer traditional weapons or magic, you will find what you are looking for with the many items available. Do not be surprised by your enemies during battles and use the map to your advantage to execute your plans and strategies. By killing your enemies, you will earn gold to craft and improve items and experience to level up and become stronger. Do not forget to always keep some gold so that you can buy and use health potions. They will help you recover from damage. Please note that the average match duration is 15 minutes. To win a match you must destroy the enemy crystal with your henchmen. You cannot do it yourself, only your minions can do it. Improve their abilities by destroying the enemy tower. This will give you a huge advantage in your game. Different game modes are available to you: train in the practice mode, play against an opponent in a 1v1 match or play against 2 players in 2v2 with cooperation. The game is still in its development phase and the author of the game still plans many improvements and new features.

Kingdom of Pixels


Use the WASD keys to move, the spacebar to jump, J / left-click for basic attack, K / CTRL for 1st ability, L / Alt for 2nd ability, B to recall back to spawn, 1-5 for item actives and right-click to sell items.

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