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Arc War - Infinite Shooter

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  • About the game


  • Author: Unknown
  • Category: Shoot'em up
  • Rating: 3.50

Arc War is an arcade game that is faithful to its name. You, the player, are the pilot of something akin to the Snowspeeder from Star Wars who continually flies around the earth on the intercontinental arc. Your mission: save the earth from the alien invasion. This game is designed in an arcade fashion with a very retro touch, similar in style to space invaders. The graphics are simplistic, yet clear and effective. The music is apt, though perhaps repetitive when one considers that this game is designed to go on eternally. Indeed, the aliens who invade can be found in 23 different types of ships, including 6 bosses, and they seem to be made from one unending mineral store.

Arc War - Infinite Shooter


Use the arrow keys to control the spaceship and the mouse click or CTRL to fire.

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